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Welcome to Skyline/Beam. We are an Authorized Beam Dealer of Central Vacuum Systems.
Check out the many uses of our Beam Home Central Vacuum System.


Breathe Easier!
Beam cleans better.

Why lug a vacuum when you can plug in a Beam? A Beam Central Vacuum System, that is. With a Beam at your side, dirt and debris can't hide. So you can clean your entire home, from floor to ceiling, with incredible ease and efficiency. Without all the noise. Without all the hassles. And without all the dust, pollens and allergens stirred up by a conventional vacuum. That's the good news for allergy and asthma sufferers.

UC Davis clinical research proves a Beam system reduces allergy systems.

Nasal 47%
Non-Nasal 48%
Eye 61%
Sleep 44%

Swoosh! Whatever you pick up with a Beam is completely whisked away.

A Beam Central Vacuum System offers up to five times more power than a vacuum. And the greater the suction power, the better the cleaning results. But beyond that, 100% of what a Beam picks up, stays picked up. Taken completely away from living areas to the remote power unit located in a garage, basement or utility area. No more messy bags to change or buy. Beam's roomy dirt receptacle needs to be emptied only three times a year on average. And that's the only thing average about a beam.

Built-in convenience! Beam makes light work out of your housework.

To activate the system, simply plug the durable, lightweight hose into the nearest wall inlet. Attach your choice of cleaning tools and you're ready to go. The extra long hose lets you move from room to room with amazing speed. It's so convenient, in fact, you might find yourself actually searching for things to clean. Unless you have kids, of course.

Number one! Beam makes the best central cleaning systems in the world.

In addition to becoming a standard in new home construction, a Beam Central Vacuum System can be professionally installed in virtually any existing home. Regardless of age. Usually in less than a day. What's more, do-it-yourselfer can even tackle the job. Beam's comprehensive installation manual and video make the job simple. Best of all, you can use your new Beam to tidy up afterwards.

Skyline/Beam, is a full stocking Beam dealer/distributor, that carries a complete line of Beam products, parts, and accessories. We also have a service department that offers free customer assistance and technical advice for do-it-yourselfers.
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